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Watch the new video of GLAM: a 1 minute pitch by its scientific coordinator

GLAM project is focused on the design, development and both pre-clinical and clinical characterisation of an innovative, fast, cheap, and ultra-sensitive diagnostic biosensor based on photonic technology.

GLAM device is based on the ultra-sensitive photonic detection using lasers that will go through glass micro-rings that are functionalised with specific antibodies against different bodyfluid biomarkers to detect cancer presence.

Accordingly, GLAM device will deliver up to 10 cancer biomarker levels in different patients and different indications. These multiplexed biomarker levels will provide diagnostic, prognostic and treatment monitoring solutions for personalized medicine.

Although initially is focused on the detection of biomarkers in urine in bladder cancer patients, this technology could be used in a next future to detect different biomarkers in different body fluids in different indications including cancer but also inflammatory diseases and auto-immune diseases.