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Photonic biosensors

To develop a novel photonic biosensors based on microring lasers functionalized with biomarker-detection antibodies. This new, label-free, ultra-sensitive photonic detection system will allow physicians to monitor soluble key biomarkers without labeling, washing, or amplification steps.

Validate biosensor

To experimentally validate the final biosensor with preclinical and clinical samples in order to prove its personalized medicine focus within the frame of a more sustainable health system.

Multiplexed platform

To set up a tuned multiplexed platform to allow the detection of up to 10 different biomarkers that will enable and guide clinical personalized treatment decisions from just a single small biological sample.

Technical documentations

To set-up technical documentations for the GLAM Prototype, towards conformity with the essential requirement of the applicable EC Directives. Such technical documentations shall serve as the regulatory basis for the CE Certification and ISO 13485 Certification of the finished In-Vitro Diagnostics medical device.

Integrate components

To integrate all the components in a small, easy-to-use, robust, fast, cheap, and single-step diagnostic device to be used in point-of-care settings.